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Replacement Laptop Batteries
Product Code:
11.1 V
163.80 x 85.60 x 19.80 mm
Original Capacity:
4400 mAh
Cell Info
Product Code Chemistry Capacity Rate Weight(g) Cell
CL8743B.815 Li-ion 5200 mAh 58 Wh 315.5 YLE
CL8743B.083 Li-ion 4400 mAh 49 Wh 306 YLE
CL8743B.806 Li-ion 5200 mAh 58 Wh 315.5 LG/Samsung
CL8743B.082 Li-ion 4600 mAh 51 Wh 305.3 Panasonic
CL8743B.080 Li-ion 4100 mAh 46 Wh 303.5 YLE
Brand: MSI
Series: --
957-173XXP-101 957-173XXP-102 BTY-L74
Fit Models
Laptop Batteries
Brand: MSI
Series: --
A5000 A6000 A6005
A6200 A6203 A6205
A7005 A7200 CR500
CR500X CR600 CR600X
CR610 CR610X CR620
CR630 CR630X CR700
CR700X CR720 CR720X
CX500 CX500X CX600
CX600X CX605 CX605M
CX605X CX610 CX610X
CX620 CX620 3D CX620MX
CX620X CX623 CX623X
CX630 CX700 CX700X
CX705 CX705MX CX705X
CX720 CX720X GE700
Standard Packaging
Short Code: C02
Dimensions: 210 x 164.5 x 45
Packing Code: A02-B02-C02
Packing Method
Brown Carton Box
Short Code: C02
Dimensions: 210 x 164.5 x 45
Capacity: 1 pc battery
Inner Carton Box (MOQ)
Short Code: B02
Dimensions: 342 x 240 x 221 mm
Capacity: 20 x C02
Export Carton Box
Short Code: A02
Dimensions: 463 x 355 x 26 mm
Capacity: 2 x B02
1 Export Carton Total: 40 x C02

* Photos are for reference only.
* Will use inner pads to hold the battery packs in position, prevent them from crashing inside clamshells.