Power Tool Batteries
Replacement Power Tool Batteries
Product Code:
9.6 V
89.05 x 57.50 x 99.20 mm
Original Capacity:
1300 mAh
Cell Info
Product Code Chemistry Capacity Rate Weight(g) Cell
TB9102G.02H Ni-MH 2000 mAh 19 Wh 420 china
TB9102G.15H Ni-MH 1500 mAh 14 Wh 394.8 china
TB9102G.33H Ni-MH 3300 mAh 32 Wh 532 China
TB9102G.24H Ni-MH 2200 mAh 21 Wh 406.2 China
TB9102G.30H Ni-MH 3000 mAh 29 Wh 540 Panasonic
TB9102G.29H Ni-MH 3000 mAh 29 Wh 540 China
Series: --
192019-4 192321-5 192404-1
192534-8 192534-A 192535-6
9100 9100A 9101
9101A 9102 9102A
Fit Models
Power Tool Batteries
Series: --
6014DW 6200D 6200DW
6201D 6201DW 6201DWH
6202D 6202DW 6221D
6221DW 6221DWE 6400D
6400DW 6702D 6702DW
6703D 6703DW 6704D
6704DW 6705D 6705DW
6705DWA 6706D 6706DW
6706DWA 6791D 6791DW
6792D 6792DW 6793D
6794D 6796D 6796FD
6797D 6797FD 6798D
6798FD 6901D 6901DW
6903VD 6903VDW 6903VDWE
6907DWE 6940D 6940DA
6940DW 6940DWA 6940DWE
6980D ML901(Flashlight) T1022D
T1022DW T221D T221DW
T422D T422DW
Standard Packaging
Short Code: C12
Dimensions: 114 x 85 x 130 mm
Packing Code: A04-N/A-C12
Packing Method
Brown Carton Box
Short Code: C12
Dimensions: 114 x 85 x 130 mm
Capacity: 1 pc battery
Export Carton Box
Short Code: A04
Dimensions: 360 x 235 x 150 mm
Capacity: 6 x C12
1 Export Carton Total: 6 x C12

* Photos are for reference only.
* Will use inner pads to hold the battery packs in position, prevent them from crashing inside clamshells.